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Any kind of medical treatment provided by a medical professional before or during the birth process can lead to a medical malpractice claim, if the care falls short of accepted medical standards and the baby and/or mother are harmed. But it’s worth noting that harm to the baby and/or mother does not mean malpractice has occurred. The key question is whether the healthcare providers acted and responded in a manner consistent with a reasonable level of skill and care.

A birth injury is a physical injury that happens to an infant prior to or during childbirth. Approximately seven babies out of 1,000 in the United States are injured during labor and delivery. Birth injuries can take on many forms and vary in severity. In some instances, birth injuries are preventable.

Unfortunately, there are situations when the birth injury is a result of improper care or negligence, provided by a professional medical provider, like a doctor, midwife, or nurse.

Some of the more common types of birth injury medical malpractice cases stem from:

  •  Cerebral Palsy
  •  Erbs Palsy
  •  Brachial Plexus
  •  Erb-Duchenne
  •  Dejerine-Klumpke Palsy
  •  Fractures
  •  Brain damage
  •  Fetal death

A host of other factors may result in injuries to newborns and/or their mothers during childbirth, including:

  •  Forceps or vacuum used incorrectly
  •  Doctor failure to prepare for or ameliorate danger in a higher-risk pregnancy
  •  Prescribed medication put the mother or baby at unreasonable risk of harm
  •  Inadequate monitoring of the baby’s condition
  •  Doctor did not plan for a C-section when it was medically necessary to avoid harm

We’ve recovered substantial sums of money for past clients. We have the time to dedicate to your case and most importantly the financial resources to take your case to trial in order to maximize the settlement for your case.

Victims of birth injuries throughout South Carolina can relied on our law firm. A birth injury requires a very knowledgeable attorney who understands the entire litigation process of filing a lawsuit, taking the case to trial and hiring the right experts to testify.

It is important to note that the details of a birth injury can vary widely from case to case. It is difficult to determine what a victim could be compensated for without going through a full and thorough legal consultation with a licensed and knowledgeable attorney with experience litigating birth injury cases. Therefore, in order to properly determine liability and the viability of a potential case, it is important for any victim who has suffered a electrical injury to call or contact the firm immediately.

If you believe your child has a birth injury that may have been caused by negligent medical care, it is essential that you contact our law firm at once. The legal professionals in our firm have experience representing families in South Carolina Birth Injury cases resulting from substandard care and medical negligence, contact us today for a confidential free case evaluation. We have office locations throughout South Carolina but if it is necessary, we will come to you.

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