South Carolina Garbage Truck Accident Lawyers

Garbage trucks provide an essential service in communities by hauling away and disposing of refuse. But like any large vehicle on the roads, when involved in an accident, garbage trucks can cause serious injuries such as brain injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries or wrongful death. Garbage truck accidents can be caused by:

A negligent driver — The driver’s negligence can take many forms including speeding, driving the garbage truck while under the influence, texting while driving, etc.

Defective equipment — Under product liability law, a garbage truck manufacturer may be legally responsible for an accident if they supplied equipment which was either defective or unreasonably dangerous.

Poor maintenance — All components of the garbage truck must be properly maintained by the trash company. For example, if the garbage truck accident was caused by brake failure, the garbage truck company may be responsible.

Falling Objects — Improperly secured objects which fall from the garbage truck can create a serious road hazard for other drivers.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident — Most garbage trucks are not equipped with back-up cameras so they present a special hazard to pedestrians and bicyclists in their path.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a garbage truck accident, our lawyers can help you get the compensatory and, if appropriate, punitive damages you deserve.

Our garbage truck attorneys conduct an in-depth investigation into the cause of your accident so that we can hold all at-fault parties accountable for your losses. We will obtain and analyze the driving history of the garbage truck driver and the maintenance records for the vehicle, interview witnesses, inspect the accident scene, hire accident reconstruction and engineering experts (if necessary), and much more to protect your rights.

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