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What Constitutes A Personal Injury Case?

Personal Injury Law or Tort Law encompasses many different types of incidents; car accidents are one of the most common. Other examples of torts would include dog bite wounds due to the negligence of the owner, slip and fall cases in which the property owner is at fault, or any event that results in wrongful death, whether it be medical malpractice or a car accident fatality. Today, it is common for a personal injury lawyer to focus in a very specific type of case, like birth injuries, workers compensation, hit and run accidents, car wrecks, or trucking accidents.

An experienced personal injury attorney in our law firm will fight to get you money for last wages, injuries, pain and suffering, damage to property, medical bills, vehicle repairs, etc. Personal injury law is complicated; but it is in place for your protection. Take full advantage of the law and your rights by hiring a personal injury attorney who will fight for your rights.

How Do I Know I Have A Case?

If you’ve been hurt and suffered physical, financial or emotional harm due to the actions or negligence of another person or company, you may be entitled to money to help you recover or to set right the damage done. Injury compensation can be tricky and can involve not just the other party, but, police, witnesses, insurance companies, lawyers, courts, etc. A personal injury attorney can help you negotiate to get the money you deserve.

Many victims of traffic accidents hire a lawyer to recover money for injuries. There are so many factors involved in an auto collision that having a lawyer on your side will be a necessity to help you sort through the laws, insurance policies, and facts of the case. Severe injuries or fatalities complicate matters and some types of accidents lend themselves to more serious harm. For instance, victims of motorcycle accidents or trucking accidents are far more likely to suffer severe bodily harm than victims in more routine traffic accidents. In most auto accidents, one of the drivers is at fault or both drivers share fault, but liability is not always easy to determine. To make matters more confusing, some states allow insurance companies to sell “no fault” policies. The details of these policies vary from insurance company to insurance company and state to state, but they are basically designed to allow the policy owner to claim damages from an accident and receive payment without proving the fault of the other driver, however, the ability to sue the other party for damages is reduced or lost.

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